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Also known as a condensate pot or condensate collector, it is a device used in steam or compressed air systems to remove and collect condensate generated during the process.

When steam or compressed air is used, it is common for condensate to form, which is liquid water that is produced when the steam or air is cooled.

⚠️ This condensate must be removed from the system to avoid problems such as clogged pipes, corrosion of equipment and reduced performance.Añadir una traducción en Português

The condensate pot is installed in the system at a strategic point where condensate is expected to accumulate and is designed to collect condensate inside the pot, while steam or compressed air flows through it and continues its path in the system.

It usually has a drainage mechanism (a drain valve, float or siphon) that is automatically activated when the condensate reaches a certain level.

  1. Condensate collection: Steam generated in industrial processes condenses as it loses heat. The resulting condensate, which is liquid water, is collected and directed to the condensate pot.
  2. Separation of condensate from steam: In the condensate pot, the condensate is separated from the steam. This can be achieved using a number of methods, such as gravity, centrifugation or cyclone-based separation devices. The steam, still in a gaseous state, can be released from the pot to be reused in the process or condensed again for heat recovery.
  3. Condensate removal: Once separated, the condensate is drained from the condensate pot. This can be done manually or by automated valves, depending on the design and specific needs of the plant. The condensate can be collected for treatment or reuse, depending on environmental regulations and process requirements.
  4. Level control: Condensate pots are often equipped with level control systems to ensure that there is no overflow or lack of condensate in the system. These systems may use level measurement devices, such as floats or level transmitters, to monitor the amount of condensate inside the pot and activate drain valves as required.


✅ The use of condensate pots helps to prevent problems such as pressure loss, corrosion and malfunctioning of equipment.
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