customized solutions R&D

The technical department of Mecesa will help you to be able to develop any device for your most complex specifications, to solve your needs through a great capacity and flexibility. Our technical team will advise you to develop the product with special materials, specific and concrete designs with new features adapting to your project according to your needs.

In company training

In Mecesa training is basic to offer our best service to our client. We consider it essential to develop technical training programs with our engineers or commercial technicians to solve your needs and train your staff with personalized training in front of complex configurations.

Our long experience gives us a great opportunity for professional development in the sector. Our technical team and specialists have extensive knowledge and practical cases or situations that occur in the market. Do you want training to improve the skills of your team? Our technicians master our instruments and will explain how to apply a better performance in your sector by analyzing the need for your installation.

Valve repair

We must always keep in mind the safety, prevention and maintenance in our plant and industrial facilities. Above all, to ensure the good condition of the valves so that their operation guarantees a good service and avoid possible stops, leaks or interruptions in our industrial plant.
Investing in safety is reducing operating costs for the perfect state of the plant installation.
Our technicians are specialists in detecting possible risks and improving maintenance and overhaul. In Mecesa we offer the repair service of all types of valves for a good performance in your industrial plant and we advise you so that they have the longest useful life in your installation.


  • Commitment to safety
  • Formations
  • Reduce the Carbon FootprintX
  • Women in the management team
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